Harley Quinn Supervillain Queen

Harley Quinn is one of the rare characters created for a cartoon and was not part of the Batmanverse that succeeded. Her grand entrance has her now knock down doors for adult content in DC Comics!


Harley Quinn Cartoon Summary

Harley Quinn supervillain queen and here is why.

The series follows Harley Quinn’s adventures after she breaks up with the Joker and receiving help from Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman in her plans to become a member of the Legion of Doom. — Wikipedia

DC Comics’ Harley Quinn Cartoon Season 1 Official Trailer

The Sidekick Fucks The Master

Harley Quinn debuted in Batman The Animated Series in the 90s. Her role as Joker‘s sidekick was instantly a success. One of the rare girls to become famous and respectable immediately might have to do with the depth of her character.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

Dr. Quinzel, Harley’s real persona, was Joker’s psychiatrist but succumbed to his charm, revealing a dark side suppressed in her brain. However, in this cartoon, Ms. Quinzel refuses to be Joker’s shadow after Poison Ivy proves to her repeatedly that Joker’s an asshole.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

With the help of Calendar Man—letting Harley know the exact amount of days Joker let her rot in Arkham, and Riddler, who owed Ivy a favor for escaping the asylum, Ivy succeeds to get through to Harley.

It’s time for Harley to prove she can not only stand on her own but beat the Joker.

Harley and the Legion of Dickheads

The cartoon is obviously for adults and contains mature language and references as well as gore. The quality of animation is impressive, and the style perfect for a character such as Harley Quinn.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

The starting point with Harley’s classic 90s costume to the merging of her comic book and Suicide Squad‘s outfit is funny and great. The voice of Kaley Cuoco is perfect for Harley, dropping the redundancy of “puddin'” and “Mr. J” with a more assertive tone.

“Harley, I love you in… sigh… in a very odd, hard-to-articulate way. And if you just stopped sabotaging yourself… the world would be yours.

Poison Ivy, DC Comics Harley Quinn The Animated Series

The first season revolves around Harley Quinn departing from Joker, while not quite over her ex, still wants to prove herself. Her ultimate goal is to make it into the Legion of Doom.

Despite Ivy warning her that women had the right to be supervillains as long as they wouldn’t be more significant than the men, had Quinn accepting the challenge.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

The counterpoint, Ivy’s the one Lex Luthor wants on the villain’s union. The “Harley Quinn supervillain queen” is not there yet but she works relentlessly to get there unaware Ivy is the target of the Legion. 

The C*** Word Makes The Cut!

Assembling a crew is only the beginning of Harley’s journey into becoming a legendary supervillain. Her obsession with the league has her try to meet with a potential team. We meet many iconic villains on the way!

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

But the ultimate delight is the end result of Dr. Psycho, Clayface, and King Shark. The interaction between the team is one of a kind, and each has an opposite personality. Mixed in with Ivy, who is “not part of the crew,” her gigantic human-eating plant, Frank, and Sy Borgman, the landlord, precious!

Dr. Pyscho is one of my favorites! He makes me laugh every single time he’s on-screen. His misogyny is actually a trait that proves women can still get along.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn Cartoon — Doctor Psycho
DC Comics – Harley Quinn Cartoon — Doctor Psycho

While the entire Legion of Doom turned their back on him, Harley didn’t give a shit about it and recruited him, ignoring his misogyny all-together. Underneath that hate, she saw he had potential and a heart.

It’s an adult cartoon, and yet it has its adorable moments.

A Lesson From Queen of Fables: Kill The Bloodline

Appearances of many villains throughout the first season is a delight. Queen of Fables is one of them. Doomed to be a tax book for the rest of her existence due to the Justice League‘s decision of penance executed by Zatanna, Harley meets with Fables to learn about her past.

That friendship is quite something! There’s a difference between being a villain and a bad person.

However, Fables’ presence can show you an entirely different idea of what children’s stories can be. Surprise, surprise, it’s not a Disney ending. Also, she teaches Harley about how males in the villain and hero industry could be but also that she believes in her capabilities.

Oh, you’ve got a line? Hey guys, she has a line. Superheroes have a line. Teen Titans have a line. We don’t give a fuck!

Queen of Fables, DC Comics Harley Quinn The Animated Series.

The most important lesson from Fables is one nobody can forget, “Kill the bloodline!” It terminates the possibility of revenge killing later.

Take The Harley Quinn Highway

It doesn’t matter if you are a cartoon person or not, Harley Quinn’s cartoon is a treat! The quality of the overall product is impeccable and worth a watch. Available on Adult Swim and surely on the DC Universe App, with a confirmation of the second season starting today, Friday, April 3rd, 2020, it’s a plus.

The dynamic between Harley and her crew is freakish. The reveal of her parents and family’s origin gives more depth to Harley. Finally, the bond between her and Ivy is a good script. Each episode brings you closer to Harley’s goal and also her growth as a woman who doesn’t know who she is yet.

Harley became part of the Batmanverse in the 90s, but she grew ever since. I was one of the rare Batman fans who despised Harley Quinn, but this cartoon changed my mind.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

I’m a Harley fan now, and as a plus, they also have Ivy coming out as an Eco-Terrorist if, of course, protecting the planet is a crime.

Ivy and Harls Are Besties

Ivy has Harley’s back ever since the beginning of her creation and origin story. In this cartoon there is no exception. Ivy detected Joker’s abusive behavior toward Harley and wanted nothing more than the best for her.

Ivy’s determination to prove Harley could be more reliable without Joker is worthy of a friendship award if that was a thing.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

The first season establishes their friendship and shows to what ends they would go for one another. Ivy and Harley protect each other, and at times, it can be hilarious, sad, and always make the story go forward.

I’m not great at having people who are actually good to me in my life.

Harley Quinn, DC Comics The Animated Series

There’s no other way to put this than say watch it! It’s 14 episodes of pure adult fun and gore!

Harley Fucking Quinn

The Batman, Robin, Gordon, Lois Lane, Superman, among many others, make funny appearances. There are only positive angles to this cartoon that DC Comics should take into consideration when thinking of making a live-action movie.

DC Comics - Harley Quinn
DC Comics – Harley Quinn

Hopefully, more adult cartoons are in the future for DC Comics because this one could be the foundation of a great cartoon legacy. The second season starts tonight, and I cannot wait to watch it and love it!

Harley Quinn is one iconic character that we like it or not is leaving a mark almost higher than Wonder Woman. She is a supervillain and, in other cases, anti-hero because it is what the world deserves.

Harley Quinn supervillain queen back tonight!

I give it a 10/10.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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