An Attack On The Indie Community

Recently, many social media exercised a purge of their respective platforms. Nobody seems to understand their doing or their reasoning. However, the most significant audience it affects seems to remain the same: the independent and freelance creatives.

The Big Boys

For years now, Facebook went through many facelifts and changes. So many times, I remember going, “What the frack?” and “Okey-dokey.” On my journey to become an author, I created a network of fellow creatives from various fields, as well as editors and small publishers. It stuck with me that often they would say Facebook hurt their business.

We all know that Instagram belongs to Facebook. It is their application to share pictures and videos. An excellent platform for authors, or at least, it was. Then again, they went full-purged on their users. Going through a multiple of “Follow Loop,” I must say that I dropped out from the Instagram wagon. I heard of this purge way too often.


Now, what is it with YouTube? They are going around in full-purge mode on the independent filmmakers. It is to my understanding that many users found their work—or more precisely—didn’t find their work uploaded without a possibility to reload. No explanation, no indications, or instructions. The purge done, the morning after, we go back to our healthy lives. Except, independent creatives were without a viewer to help their career.

Twitter is a vast platform. It is an excellent world for all creatives to share in a few words, their thoughts and crafts. So far, Twitter seems to exercise its changes, but to my knowledge, the purge has not crossed over yet. We shall see.

Remember Tumblr?

More than a year ago, Tumblr exercised this purge. Remember when the social media platform explained itself by saying it wanted to get rid of porn and anything subjective to sexual posts? They created their demise.

Not that deleting pornographic profiles showing minors, or signs of rape, among other unacceptable things is wrong. However, their algorithm to proceed to the deleting of those user profiles ended up in the creation of a void.

Tumblr Logo
Tumblr Logo

Tumblr was never the same ever since. They purged too far. Instead of looking for precise types of user profiles, they shot their own foot and lost a vast audience.

Sex sells. We all know that. Tumblr was a platform for many people who felt free to be themselves. It was an excellent place for people of all kinds. Authors had a place, and by authors, I mean those writing BDSM, LGBTQ+, Erotica, Dark Erotica, and more. What’s the central theme? Sex. Needless to say, it got out of hand.

Never Go Full-Purge

What is it to learn here? Well, social media are purists, maybe? Who knows, maybe they don’t want to be edgy. Now, if we put the negativity aside for a second, some of it might have to do with copyrights. When thinking about YouTube taking down independent movies, including genuine PG13 movies, what if it was a copyright issue?

Haters are going to hate, right, that’s the expression? Well, without accusing anyone, it is easy to think that YouTube got many complaints about one point fingers at the other and vice versa, and so YouTube got rid of all videos without proof of intellectual property showing in any capacity.

Social Media
Social Media

When it comes down To Facebook, we know what it is: money. They were after the BDSM, Erotica, Dark Erotica, and any sexual authors. Their restrictions became only harder for authors to follow. I saw it affect many authors. To the rescue, the indie community decided to create promotional groups to help. The idea of giveaways and takeovers became popular.

It is no secret. The indie community is not rich. So, we help each other the best way we can by sharing each other’s work. We encourage one another, and some are at a high level on the pain in arse barometer and complain to Facebook. What does that do? It hurts everybody. Now, Facebook might be monitoring independent giveaways and takeovers. You can be shut down without as much as a “hello!”

Facebook of Evil

If you pay Facebook to boost a post, host a giveaway, or a takeover, on the other hand, they can monitor what goes on. Thank you haters and bottom trolls, you just paid for a ticket to hell all on your own.

Now, the indie community must come out with new ways to share their crafts. One way to do it is by doing this: STOP paying for boosting posts, STOP paying for sponsorship, STOP paying Facebook for anything. Period. This hurt the indie community to no end.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo

No amount of algorithm or knowledge of SEO and Hashtags are going to save you. Facebook is against freely showing your posts. Why do you have over 2 thousand friends and only the same ones are giving you likes and commenting?

That’s the power of money, my friends. The algorithm of Facebook works so that your posts are available only to those who often looked at your page in the first place.

Unless we start regularly sharing, liking, commenting on various people’s posts, we won’t get out of this Facebook nine levels of hell. The trick is always the same old worth of mouth. Organic shares, exact liking, and genuine comments are the most significant help. Those are the biggest help one can get.

Save The Indies!

Until this perfect world comes to existence, here are temporary band-aids to put on your battle wounds. First, MeWe isn’t working, don’t kid yourself. It’s a social platform for chats and groups at the most. So, let’s drop it, use it as a network place but don’t count on it to boost your sales.

DeviantArt. DeviantArt is just for visual art? Think again. DeviantArt is the largest indie art community there is on social media. In like manner, it is for visual arts AND literary art of all kinds. I welcome and cannot stress this enough, for authors to give it a try. Together with, you have to work and post as often as you can. Join groups and forums, and you’re good.

By being the biggest, of course, there are many minors on just like Facebook. So, any mature content in your art or writing? No problem, you put a filter on it! Moreover, you can add your link to your multiple social media and share all you want in the description. There are trolls, I won’t lie, but it is better than being shut down at every move you make.

Social Media
Social Media

Another way to help one another is not just through Newsletter. Equally important, it’s by hosting Giveaways and Takeovers on each other’s website. WordPress is an excellent platform with the replies after posting.

Interactions are easily controllable, and monitoring is easy. If you have a WordPress website, you can join this WordPress Promotional Group on Facebook, and we can help one another.

This Is It For Now

In conclusion, good old Twitter and Pinterest are still proper places to share your work and passion. In like manner, to create a network, LinkedIn seems safe for now.

Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo

Just keep in mind, Facebook is in over its head. It’s looking at creating a digital monetary system. They are losing their marbles. Don’t encourage them any further than you have to at the moment.

Hang in there! They can’t succeed if we stick together and move.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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