The Oswald Cobblepot Secret Mental File

Have you ever wonder about the psychological state of Batman’s villains? I do. So, let’s dive in and learn more!

The Beginning of Penguin

The Oswald Cobblepot secret mental file is now available!

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, or his villain name, The Penguin, saw the light of day in December 1941. He made his big entrance in Detective Comics #58. That makes him one of the oldest Batman enemies.

Oswald is a criminal mastermind in the most peculiar kind. Most people know Oswald to be a shady character dealing with people of the worst kinds. His businesses are always fronts for criminal activities.

The Iceberg Lounge is the most outstanding achievement of the Penguin. It is a lucrative bar but also his best front for illegal financial gains.

The Penguin And The Man

The appearance of the Penguin is, of course, an inspiration of the bird itself. In most incarnations, Oswald is a short man on the chubby side and with a long nose reminiscent of a beak. His feet are also pointing outward when walking, much like a penguin.


He often wears a tuxedo and a top hat. Oswald carries an umbrella that is also his reliable weapon of choice. To complement his looks, he wears cufflinks with white gloves and spats.

Was Oswald to look like a gentleman mobster criminal? It would be logical to think so, but a more recent incarnation showed us a different side to Oswald.

The Man Behind The Nose

Most people would believe that Oswald is a sane man. Most people say this villain doesn’t fit in Arkham Asylum. His crimes aren’t psychotic, and he doesn’t have an IQ that could depict psychopathy. He is not a highly functioning sociopath either. So why are we here? Because I am not most people.

DC Comics - Penguin by Mikel Janín
DC Comics – Penguin by Mikel Janín

Mr. Cobblepot might be one to fool many to be sane, but he doesn’t carry himself as such. He does have an obsession with his aristocratic descend that often reminds people of each time he is in a room where Bruce Wayne is present.

Unlike most Batman villains, the Penguin does not have an obsession with Batman, but with Bruce Wayne.

Oswald’s Napoleon Complex

The Napoleon Complex is an inferiority disorder that is common with people with short stature. Often people with this complex are brutally aggressive and show their dominance through their social behavior.

Oswald often lies about his monetary earnings and goes to extreme lengths to lead people to believe he is as rich as Bruce Wayne. It is one of the recognizable traits of the complex. Showing off your monetary status by flamboyance possessions proves the compensatory physical shortcomings.

Batman - Arkham Knight
Batman – Arkham Knight

Oswald as a child born with what he comes to see as disadvantages, comparing himself to others considered beautiful, had him develop the Napoleon Complex. He fed this complexion to the point of turning it to an evil side of him.

To compete with other rich people, including Bruce Wayne—his fixation, he turns to crime to rebuild his family name and fortune. The Oswald Cobblepot secret mental file should contain at least the Napoleon Complex.

A Penguin Dysmorphic Appearance

One does not get the nickname ‘Penguin’ because they look like Apollo. Sadly, our society dictates what is beautiful and what is ugly. Penguin is the embodiment of victim to fashion.

The Penguin - Mr. Cobblepot by spidey0318 on DeviantArt
The Penguin – Mr. Cobblepot by spidey0318 on DeviantArt

Despite bearing the name Cobblepot, many storylines have Oswald’s past pointing in different directions. His background is showing that he was a rejection by his family due to his appearance.

Penguin - Arkham City
Penguin – Arkham City

Oswald was a victim of bullying due to his appearance. He was on the receiving end of bullying in school, and in his home, he remained the bottom joke. Due to his many complexions created by everyone surrounding him, Oswald developed body dysmorphic disorder.

This disorder can lead to many ends. In Oswald’s case, it led to a fixation on an overly attractive man, Bruce Wayne.

What About Gotham’s Penguin

My favorite incarnation of the Penguin was in the Gotham series. Oswald’s depiction is overwhelming. The character itself lacked depth even though post-crisis, the Penguin acquired more brain and less bird.

Gotham - Penguin
Gotham – Penguin

In the Gotham series, Oswald is trying to build a name to help his mentally ill mother. She loves Oswald with all of her heart and is his greatest weakness. At first, Oswald is more of a weasel but do climb the criminal mastermind ladder quite well.

What touched me the most was his undying love for Edward Nygma. In this incarnation of the Penguin, Oswald is gay and loves the Riddler. Again, his obsessions revolve around his family name and one man. The Oswald Cobblepot secret mental file in Gotham had his abusive past as part of his problem.

Gotham - Penguin
Gotham – Penguin

In the Gotham series, Oswald develops an obsession with Gordon before turning to Nygma but never forgets Gordon. He is a part-time criminal and part-time helper of Gordon. In other words, Gordon also becomes one of his weaknesses.

Let’s dig a little deeper with the idea of Oswald overcompensating and his obsession.

Denial Can Be An Obsession

If we pull out some of Oswald’s personality traits from Gotham and apply them to the character in general, many of his doings make sense.

Oswald was a victim of constant bullying and a reminder of his business and psychical failures. The Oswald Cobblepot secret mental file should mention obsession.

New 52 – Penguin

Oswald grew up to despise himself and, therefore, overcompensate at all costs. That is to compete with those he considers “out of his league.” His mental state is one of an abused man in desperate need of approval.

Oswald has many mental disorders, and his obsessions lead him to a life of criminal endeavors. He most likely denies being gay despite his obvious obsessions with Bruce Wayne.

Could Oswald Cobblepot Be Gay?

I do believe that the Gotham series hit a home run by depicting Oswald as gay. It explained his frustrations, his view of himself, his deranged view of a father figure, and added to his depth.

DC Comics - Batman by Mikel Janín
DC Comics – Batman by Mikel Janín

When thinking of Oswald and his obsessive one-way-rivalry with Bruce Wayne for his fortune, looks, and social stature, as well as his charisma, it does make much sense. Oswald overcompensates for everything. Therefore, hiring women to surround him to hide his true self, again, is logical.

He has one man in mind, one that comes from a blue bloodline and maintained the status of his surname, Wayne, just like him with Cobblepot. The Wayne family flourished and expanded while his name suffered loss and bankruptcy.

Gotham – Penguin

Not only does Oswald envy Bruce Wayne, but he wants the man for himself. He does a lot to attract his attention but fails at every turn.

In conclusion, I believe that Oswald Cobblepot is gay, but after a life of rejection and bullying, he refuses to come out of the closet.

My Unprofessional Diagnosis

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot requires consultation for his body dysmorphic syndrome, Napoleon Complex, and obsessive disorder. He comes from an abusive home and playground and suffered severe repercussions from the people closest to him.


Oswald’s criminal activities through atrocious are the result of an unstable mind justifying itself to maintain social status. He feeds his delusions with parading before other socialites and the elite of Gotham City.

Oswald’s obsession is Bruce Wayne. Although he has not come forward, he has put the man in harm’s way more often than we like to admit proving his intimate attachment.

I would recommend that Mr. Cobblepot receive a transfer from Black Gate to Arkham Asylum and be subject to psychiatric help.

That is DC Comics‘ The Oswald Cobblepot secret mental file!

The OCD Batman Fan
A.B. Lyon

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